How Long Eyelash Extensions Cost?

Eyelash extensions are a popular cosmetic beauty treatment applied to enhance the length, thickness, volume, and color of naturally thinning eyelashes. The extensions can be created from many different materials including synthetic, human, mink, silk or horse hair. Extensions use synthetic lashes that are fitted to the natural eyelash roots. Eyelash extensions can be professionally applied or at home. Many women choose to have them done in the salon because it gives them the option of having the extensions attached at either the roots or tips of the lashes. Explore more information about lash extensions.

Applying eyelash extensions is not without risk. The most important thing to remember when doing them at home is to follow the manufacturer's directions carefully. Eyelash glue is strong glue and should be used carefully to avoid damaging the lashes and causing bleeding or scarring. A cotton swab with an alcohol solution is needed to clean the area that will be treated with the glue. Wipe the area dry and allow adequate drying time before applying the glue to the extensions.

Individuals with allergies to glue and alcohol should consult a physician before attempting to have eyelash extensions put in. Individuals with allergies to eyelash glue or any type of tattooing should never try to apply eyelash extensions themselves. Individuals who have any kind of allergies should also contact their physician prior to having any type of tattoo applied to their body. Individuals with any kind of allergies should always first consult with their physician prior to any type of plastic surgery procedure. Best information about eyelash extension kit is available in the link.

Prior to having eyelash extensions applied, the eye must be examined by a qualified professional to ensure that the patient has no allergies. The eye doctor will take a swab of the inside of the eye with the eyelash extension and test it for sensitivity. If the individual has any sort of allergies or sensitivity to the test then he or she should not get the lash extension put in. This test can be done on a part of the eye that does not show off the lashes as well. The eye will be placed in a variety of different lighting conditions and the eye will be observed for its reaction to each of these lights. If the eye does not cause the patient to have any adverse reaction then the eye may be an ideal candidate to have eyelash extensions put in.

Prior to having eyelash extensions put in, the individual lashes that will grow are trimmed so that they are the same length as natural lashes. The individual lashes are then placed one at a time into the open hole that is cut into the eye. After these lashes are placed they are placed under a firming serum. The serum will help to promote the growth of the false eyelashes over the next few days. It is normal for the lashes to fall out after a few days but they should replace the growth cycle. Seek more info at

When it comes to answering the question of how long eyelash extensions cost there is no set answer. There is a wide range of prices that are charged by salons for putting in these lashes and they can range from two hours up to six months for each growth stage. Choosing the right salon and the right product will help to bring the cost of the procedure down considerably.

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